Realize the unimaginable in 3D technology.

Additive manufacturing technology gives any designer the ability to imagine the unimaginable...

Re-thinking Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing allows for the creation of parts never before possible. We are turning the corner to the next industrial revolution, and have no idea how drastically our world is about to change.

Additive Detroit Can Help

Whatever your additive manufacturing needs, whether you just need your design printed, or a complete additive solution start to finish, Additive Detroit can help.

Markforged Mark X Series

We are currently printing high strength composite parts for all industries utilizing the Markforged Mark X Series Platform Composite Printers capable of adding Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass to your 3D designs for metal strong parts with non-marring surfaces.

Coming soon

Metal X

Metal printing using Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) - (currently in 17-4 PH & 316L SS only)

Fuse 1 SLS

SLA/SLS printing - adding the ability to create prototypes and usable parts with the highest resolutions available in 3D printing.

Diabase Engineering
H-Series Hybrid

Additive/Subtractive multi-color printing - combines 3D printing with CNC milling capabilities in one machine to produce production quality prototypes in ways never before possible.

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